About Us

Eminence is a full-service IT staffing and recruiting company headquartered in Cary, North Carolina. Understanding the company's workforce requirements, sourcing, screening, interviewing, and recruiting resources are all part of our process. Our solutions give businesses the access and power they need to collaborate more successfully with their employees. We are flexible to the organization the option of adopting the resource.
We possess a rich experience of 16 years in HR and recruitment services and have been joining our hands with high profile clients. Our team of experts works consistently to assist corporate clients in discovering suitable candidates for them and we help the job seekers to find a right job and also aid employees who need a shift in their current jobs.
EITS offers its on-going IT staffing and recruiting services along with consulting that supports to meet your company's needs and goals. We intervene into your business issues in whichever way you need us to and deliver clever answers to help you expand up to the next level and also desire to develop a structured department by obtaining compliant outsourcing services.
EITS was founded to mirror the ideals of your company by providing superior HR outsourcing and IT consulting services. The dedicated service aspires to provide necessary business solutions. By delivering professional project outsourcing, specialized temporary employment, and permanent placement, EITS helps clients in specific vertical markets increase their profitability and efficiency, allowing them to focus on their core skills.

Vision and Values

Our staffing and recruiting services will properly fit your company's needs and specifications. We support your business with our focused staffing solutions delivered on time and also in a personalized manner.